Youth Services

The following Teenage Relationship Workshops and Seminars can be conducted in front of both large and small groups. All of our workshops are PowerPoint Presentations and are delivered in a very lively and dynamic fashion.
We are also able to customize these topics for one-on-one counseling sessions for either male or female students.

''The Consequences of Sexual Activity Before Your Ready for Responsibility.''
''Is Abstinence a Realistic Goal in Your Life''
''Expectations of Males and Females in Relationships''
"Why Buy the Cow if You Can Get the Milk for Free?"


Other Youth Services of Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia
Available for Groups and Individuals

"Help! I need someone to talk to my son or daughter before something bad happens to them!"

If this is your situation, then call us immediately at 770-256-8856. We specialize in speaking to angry, hard headed and rebellious young people. We also have messages in our store specifically aimed at our young people who are growing up in today's times. We have worked with them over the last 20 years in school systems throughout the State of Georgia and all over America and we don't mind mixing it up with them. Let's arrange a telephone consultation or a video conference call immediately! We are also able to do a Webinar with them as well. Please call for fees and other further information.

Please visit our other website for our other available services for Preschool and Head Start aged youth! 

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