Relationship Services

The following Marriage Success Workshops and Seminars can be conducted in front of both large and small groups.
All of our workshops are 
PowerPoint Presentations and are delivered in a very lively and dynamic fashion.
We are also able to customize these topics for a couples counseling session.

"Analysis of Emotional Needs in the Marriage"
"How To Lead Your Family"
"The Benefits Package You Immediately Receive When You Become Married"
"Deepening our understanding of the very Powerful Natures that God has given both Men and Women"
''Forgive me Spouse for I have Sinned...and You Have Too"
''Traits and Characteristics of all Successful and Non-Successful Marriages''
''Health Tips for your Marriage''
''Respecting The Ties of Relationships''
''Caring for Our Aging Parents''
''How We Produce Dysfunctional Families and the Vicious Cycle Continues''
''What Exactly is Togetherness in Marriage?''
''The Sexual Side of Marriage - Love and Intimacy'' This Workshop will delve into the often ignored but much needed Sexual Dimension of Marriage
''Secrets in Married Life''
''How do Lies and Deceit Murder the Marriage''
"Understanding the Paradox of Power in Marriage"
"How Infidelity Creeps into Our Lives"
"Manners in Marriage"
"Our children see everything - Modeling Proper Manners and Etiquette"
"Tough Times Don't Last...Tough Couples Do!"
"Are You or Your Spouse Going Through a Midlife Crisis?
"Your Marriage Needs Encouragement"
"Coming into Absolute Agreement with One Another and Avoided Unnecessary Conflict"
"What is LOVE And What Love is Definitely Not!"
"Discovering What Areas That  You and Your Spouse are Compatible In"
"How to make much better Decisions in Your Marriage"
"The Seasons of Marriage"
"Growing in Financial Literacy and Maturity in a 21st Century Marriage"
"It's the Little Things!"

"Keys to Successful Blending of Families"
"Upon what

Foundation will you build your Blended Family?"

"The Tug of War: Natural and Expected Power Struggles"
"Effective Strategies for Dealing with the 'Ex- Husbands and Ex-Wives'"
"Establishing Rights, Rules and Responsibilities for Visitation"
"Reconnecting and Reconciling Differences"
"Growing your new and old Relationships in your new family Structure"
"Fair and Equitable Disciplining of Yourself and then the Children"
"Creating New Traditions for your New Family" 
"Successful Blending of the Family Finances"
"The Struggle for Balance in Blended Families" 
"Prioritizing the Marriage between you and Your Spouse"
"Dealing with Dissatisfaction among the Children"

"Developing Your Relationship with God"
"Taking Constructive Action"
"Self-Development During Seperation"
"Developing Your Relationship with Your Mate"
"How do you Handle the Loneliness"
"Controlling Bitter Feelings"
"What if...Your Spouse does Return?"
"What if...Your Spouse demands a Divorce?"
"How will you Face the Future?"

''The Second Time Around''
''Have You Healed From Your Last Marriage(s)"
"What About the Children / The Effects of Divorce on Our Children''
"How Do You Heal a Broken Heart?"
"Lessons in Letting Go"

"Moving Beyond Our Anger"
"Being More Productive with Our Time on this Planet" 
"Is Your Discipline Slipping?"
"Proper Relationships With Our Sons"
"Proper Relationships With Our Daughters"
"Getting in Touch With Your Real Feelings"
"Your Wife is Not Your Personal Slave"
"The Mature Husband and Father"
"Time Management for Today's Man"
"A Better Understanding of the Emotions of Women"

"Let Us Make Man!"
"Proper Relationships With Our Sons"
"Proper Relationships With Our Daughters"
"The Mature Wife and Mother"
"Time Management for Today's Woman"
"We Have to Watch How You Talk to a Wide Awake Man"
"Is Your Discipline Slipping?"
"A Better Understanding of the Emotions Of Women"

"Getting Serious about Getting Married"
"Relationships That Work and Those That Don't"
"What Are Some of The Serious Questions You Must Ask before You Say, "I Do"
''Acknowledging and Dealing Effectively with our Past Hurts from Prior Relationships''
''Will You Marry An Emotionally Abusive Person?''
"What Kind Of Husband / Wife Are You Looking For? Let's Get Real Specific!"
"Understanding the Members of the Opposite Sex"
"Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons"
"The Pre-requisite Maturity that We Need to Be Successfully Married"
"Understanding Men better and Why Men Choose to Marry the Woman they Ultimately Marry"
"Are You Absolutely Suffering from Commitment-Phobia"? 
"Sealing the Deal!"

Why did we choose the name "Wali, the Protecting Friends - Marriage Counseling Services?"

We choose that name because we wanted to provide counseling to really help to protect our brothers and our sisters from making potentially bad decisions when it comes to their marriages and the relationships in their lives. We want to be the extra set of listening ears that courtships and marriages need to help people make good decisions. We do not come to this endeavor with arrogance nor are we puffed up with who we think we are as we attempt to help your family either. We truly want to be of service to you and to your marriage. We listen and we make recommendations but nothing we say is binding on you. You can choose to go along with our recommendations or not. All of our services are completely confidential. You will never hear your business being spoken of on the streets, the church or the mosque. 

Fees for our Services: We never charge people to utilize our services. We simply ask for whatever "love donation" you (and your spouse) would like to give. Whatever the service we rendered was worth to you we would be glad to receive it from you. People generally donate $50.00 for every two hour session they receive. Whatever donation you desire to give is requested immediately after services are rendered to you and/or your spouse.

Due to the nature and pace of life today in America, nearly all of our Services
 are telephone consultations unless you live in the Atlanta or Metro Atlanta area. If you live within the Metro – Atlanta area then we would be happy to have dinner with you and your spouse to discuss the matters at hand. To take advantage of any of these services please call 770-256-8856. While it is only necessary that one of the partners initially call to set up the appointment, we must have both parties (Male and Female) present when we do our phone consultation.

Marriage Improvement Services / Counseling: Is your current marriage in trouble? We can help with the help of Almighty God. We have been blessed to help hundreds of couples to smooth out the rough edges of their marriages and to bring their relationship with God back to the center of the marriage. We do this by thoroughly listening to each spouse as they share their legitimate concerns about the relationship and getting the other spouse to provide specific feedback to them. It's not magic - we just specialize in getting couples talking again. Here are some options you can utilize:

First Session: Our initial session is one of discovery. We are trying to find out the depth of the problems that are in the relationship. We are searching for the kind of emotion and pain that surround the marriage. Sometimes we are able to deal with discovering all of the major issues and dealing with them all in a onetime session. This generally takes about two, sometimes three hours.

Second Session: Most couples take about two sessions. The second session focuses on what came up in the first session. We try very hard to get both spouses talking to each other and understanding what brought their spouse to take the positions that they are now taking. After we have explored the different attitudes that have been presented we then move towards reconciliation.

Third Session: 
The third session revolves around specific tailored exercises to increase the love, unity and intimacy in the marriage between the two spouses. It is the highly recommended follow up to Sessions 1 and 2. 

Pre-Engagement Services:  Since 1994, Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia have been privileged to work with a good number of couples who decided to seek counsel before pursuing engagement. While pre-engagement counseling is a relatively new concept, we have found significant benefits of counseling at this stage in the relationship.  Couples who receive counsel before becoming engaged have an easier time objectively learning about a potential spouse without the forward-moving pressure of already being committed in an engagement and pending wedding. Our goal is very simple: “We want to help you have peace of mind in knowing whether the person you are in courtship with is a good lifetime match for you!”

After going through the Pre - Engagement Counseling with us, you will know each other’s (strengths, weaknesses, and long-term compatibility) so that you can make an informed decision about marriage.  The cost of this counseling is very minor compared to what you may end up spending if the relationship becomes unhealthy; this is an investment for your future.

Our Pre-Engagement Counseling Services can discuss the following topics in depth with you and your Courtship partner:

* Expectations
* Communication Styles

* Resolving Conflict
* The Religious practices of each individual

* Working Together
* Handling Finances
* Families of Origin
* Life Goals

To take advantage of any of these services, please call 770-256-8856. It is only necessary that one of the Courtship partners call to set up the appointment. However, we must have both parties (Male and Female) present when we do our phone consultation(s).  

Courtship / Engagement Services: 
Telephone Consultations with Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are available on the following topics:

What questions should you make sure that are asked before you say, “I do”?
(2) How do I know when the courtship has turned serious? (What are some of the keys that you need to prepare for now that things are turning serious.)
(3) Help my Courtship has stalled! How do I close the deal with my Courtship partner? (We will help you to get to the bottom of why the courtship has slowed all the way down and try to guide you to get things moving again.)
(4) My spider sense is tingling! Why am I feeling uneasy about this Courtship?
(5) Don’t waste a whole lot of money on your wedding! (We will offer you sound advice from ourselves and from many others who have gone before you to help you save some of that money that you will need down the road.)

Services for Parents of Young People who have entered into Courtship
Telephone Consultations with Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are available on the following topics:

What is this Courtship business all about anyway? (We will help you to have a thorough understanding of the process that your son / daughter has become involved in.) 
(2) Tips to help your son / daughter have a successful courtship. (How can you support your son / daughter while they are going through their courtship?)
(3) What questions should you ask their courtship partner since your son / daughter doesn’t know to ask. 
(4) I just don’t like my son / daughters Courtship partner! (What do you do when you just don’t like the person that your son / daughter is courting?)

Remarriage / Second, Third, Fourth And Fifth Marriage Services: 
Telephone Consultations with Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are available on the following topics:

(1) Examining what really happened in your prior marriages.
(2) What will you change going forward.
(3) Are you suffering from commitment-phobia?

After My Divorce Services:
Telephone Consultations with Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are available on the following topics:

(1) Successful Co-Parenting After the Divorce
(2) How to not inflict further damage on our children 
(3) How divorce affects children - Helping your children avoid immediate and later emotional problems.
(4) Is your life still reeling from your recent divorce?
 How divorce typically effects men and women differently
 The Psychological and Emotional Effects of Divorce
 Rebuilding when your relationship ends.

Personal Life Counseling: 
Life can get confusing for us all as we try to navigate our personal lives. Why don't you utilize our Life Coach services to help you to get centered and continue on towards what it is you actually want out of your life? We are able to tailor exercises specific to whatever area that you are facing. We can help you to identify the level that you are having your greatest challenges on in your life:

Spiritual – Is the nature of your problems a spiritual one?
Physical – Is the nature of your problems a spiritual one?
Mental / Psychological - Is the nature of your problems a mental / psychological one?
Emotional - Is the nature of your problems a emotional one?
Social - Is the nature of your problems a social one?
Financial - Is the nature of your problems a financial one?
Sexual - Is the nature of your problems a sexual one?

Contact Information - Which services can we help you with today?

Brother or sister, please enter your contact information here. Please explain what you desire us to help you with. 

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