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Nationally recognized Marriage and Relationship experts, Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia Muhammad are known throughout the Nation for their entertaining, customized and research driven Singles Success Seminars and their expert facilitation skills at the Marriage Retreats. The number one purpose for all that they do is to help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and all other Concerned Black Clergy Members to stop divorce in the Nation and among our people. They provide keynotes and break out sessions for events and meetings that are very funnymotivational and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently in nearly every field of endeavor.

All programs are customized to meet your organization's needs and goals. Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are well known for their appeal to a wide variety of audiences by delivering serious, result-driven information with professionally honed humor.

Their entertaining and provocative delivery style combined with in-depth research and an innovative approach makes them a favorite with clients who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional "best practices" and set breakthrough objectives to achieve maximum success.

Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia are your humble servants in your organization or your groups desire to become more motivated in 2016. They are also the National Facilitators of the 2016 - 6th Annual Marriage Retreat and the Publishers of The Youth Intervention Services Digest. Please call us at 770-256-8856 to bring us to your next event. 

How simple it is to bring us to your City for your Organization's next event:

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